Welcome to the Vegan for Her Website!

This is a gathering place for all women who are interested in plant-based diets and a vegan lifestyle. We – Ginny and JL – created it to augment the material in our book Vegan for Her (available July 9; you can pre-order now!). But whether you’ve read the book or not, you’ll find information here to support your vegan journey.

And don’t worry if you are just getting started on that journey—or if it’s a change you’ve only recently started to contemplate. Our goal is to support women at every step and to connect you with resources, information and a warm and encouraging community. It’s a diverse community, too.  We bring different political and religious perspectives, come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, are gay and straight, moms and child-free, and we range in age from teens to grandmothers. Those differences shape the perspectives we bring to our lives as vegans (or vegan-curious women). The common theme that runs through those perspectives is that we choose to eat and live with purpose and compassion.

And we’re not just about health and food, although you’ll find plenty of information about both. We’ll also be talking about other aspects of a vegan lifestyle—clothes, household products, and how to give yourself a great vegan manicure, for example—and also about issues related to body image, activism, and the challenges of negotiating a vegan lifestyle in a non-vegan world.

Over the next few months, we’ll be creating a great selection of recipes and nutrition tips to update and expand on the information in Vegan for Her. Be sure to dip into our discussion boards, too, to share your experiences and get answers from others to your questions (start now and introduce yourself!). And be sure to let us know what else you’d like to see on the site. Thanks for joining us!

-Ginny & JL

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