VIDEO Vegan for Her TV Episode 1: The Plant Plate

Episode 1 of Vegan for Her TV, The Plant Plate, aired yesterday! You can watch the archived show on YouTube or here on the site:


  1. Ack! The volume is still an issue.  Turn the volume up for Ginny and down for JL.
  2. Ginny’s lighting was luminous; JL needs to find a room with better lighting!
  3. Technology. We’re getting there. Be patient (thank you).
  4. Ginny talked about calcium-filled foods:
    The RDA is 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day or 1,200 for women over the age of 50. Eat six servings from the list below, and you’re all set!
    -½ cup fortified soy, almond, or hempseed milk
    -½ cup fortified orange juice
    -½ cup tofu made with calcium sulfate
    -½ cup calcium-fortified soy, almond or coconut yogurt
    -1 cup cooked bok choy, collards, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens
    -½ cup Chinese cabbage or mustard greens
    -1 cup white beans
    -2 tablespoons almond butter or tahini
    -¼ cup almonds
    -2 navel oranges
    -½ cup dried figs
  5. Do you have questions about Episode 1? Ask them here.
  6. Topic suggestions for future episodes of Vegan for Her TV? Share them on the forum!

Thanks for watching!

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