Is Citavo Coffee Creamer Vegan?

Yes, Citavo coffee creamer is vegan! This dairy-free and lactose-free creamer is made with a blend of coconut oil, sunflower oil, and cane sugar. It’s also gluten-free, soy-free, and GMO-free.

You can feel good about using this delicious coffee creamer knowing that it’s not only vegan but also ethically sourced.

Are you vegan and looking for a delicious, dairy-free coffee creamer? Look no further than Citavo Coffee Creamer! This rich and creamy creamer is made with 100% organic ingredients and is completely vegan.

With no artificial flavors or preservatives, Citavo Coffee Creamer is the perfect way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

Is Citavo Creamer Non Dairy?

Yes, Citavo creamer is non-dairy. It is made with a blend of vegetable oils and does not contain any milk products.

Are Coffee Creamers Vegan?

Yes, coffee creamers are vegan. They are made from a variety of plant-based ingredients, including soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. Some coffee creamers also contain vegetable oils, such as palm oil or coconut oil.

Is Non Dairy Coffee-Mate Vegan?

If you’re vegan, you might be wondering if Coffee-Mate is safe for you to consume. The answer is yes! Coffee-Mate is a non-dairy creamer that does not contain any animal products.

This means it’s perfectly fine for vegans to enjoy. So go ahead and enjoy your coffee with a little bit of Coffee-Mate – it’s totally vegan friendly!

What Kind of Coffee Creamer is Dairy-Free?

There are a few different types of coffee creamer that are dairy-free. The most common type is soy milk, but there are also almond milk and coconut milk options. Soy milk is the closest in texture and taste to regular cow’s milk, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a dairy-free alternative that won’t change the flavor of your coffee.

Almond milk has a slightly nutty flavor that some people enjoy, and coconut milk is richer and creamier than soy or almond milk.

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Citavo Original Coffee Creamer Ingredients

Citavo Original Coffee Creamer is made with real milk and cream, and it’s free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. That means it’s always fresh tasting and never bitter. It’s also non-GMO, gluten-free, and Kosher.

The rich, creamy flavor of Citavo Original Coffee Creamer enhances your coffee without overpowering it. And because it’s made with real milk and cream, it froths beautifully for lattes and cappuccinos. Citavo Original Coffee Creamer is available in Whole Milk, 2%, Half & Half, and Heavy Cream versions.

So no matter how you like your coffee, we’ve got a creamer that’s perfect for you.

Is Citavo Coffee Creamer Non Dairy

If you’re like me, you love coffee. But sometimes, regular milk just doesn’t cut it. You need something creamy and delicious to really enjoy your cup of joe.

So what’s a coffee lover to do? Turns out, there are plenty of non-dairy options for coffee creamer out there! One of my favorites is Citavo Coffee Creamer.

It’s made with real milk and cream, but it’s also 100% lactose-free and dairy-free. So I can enjoy my coffee without any tummy trouble. Plus, Citavo Coffee Creamer comes in all sorts of delicious flavors, like vanilla bean and hazelnut.

Yum! Whether you’re lactose intolerant or just looking for a tasty non-dairy alternative to regular milk, give Citavo Coffee Creamer a try. Your taste buds will thank you!

Citavo Original Coffee Creamer Nutrition Facts

If you’re a coffee lover, you know that there are a lot of different ways to enjoy your cup of joe. Some people like it black, some like it with sugar, and some like it with cream or milk. There’s no wrong way to drink coffee, but if you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy your coffee, you should try Citavo Original Coffee Creamer.

Citavo Original Coffee Creamer is made with real milk and cream, and it’s packed with protein and calcium. It also has zero grams of trans fat, so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body. And best of all, it comes in four delicious flavors: original, vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut.

So next time you pour yourself a cup of coffee, make sure to add a little bit of Citavo Original Coffee Creamer for a boost of flavor and nutrition!

What is Citavo Coffee

Citavo coffee is a type of coffee that is made using the citronella plant. The plant is native to South America and is used to make a variety of different products, including mosquito repellent and perfumes. Citavo coffee has a strong citrus flavor and aroma, which makes it unique from other types of coffee.


If you’re vegan and love coffee, you might be wondering if Citavo coffee creamer is also vegan. The answer is yes! Citavo coffee creamer is made with coconut milk and is free of dairy, soy, gluten, and GMOs.

So go ahead and enjoy your cup of coffee with a delicious vegan creamer.

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